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Huangang company succeeded in share reform
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Yutian Huangang Plastics Co., Ltd. was established with the initial intention of
developing huangang into a household goods enterprise with customer
recognition, employee trust, industry pursuit and strong sense of social responsibility.
Eleven years since its establishment; Huangang company has grown into a PVC,
EVA, PEVA tablecloth, PVC anti slip mat, PVC yoga mat, cabinets, coil floor
mats, cabinet housing pad, commercial PVC plastic flooring series general
household items, such as species among domestic top structure, products are
exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, the commonwealth of
independent states (cis), and other countries and regions; Today's results, all
rely on the efforts of all staff and merchants to work together.

Company development to today's performance, the company executives think, must have the
next leap-forward development, under the direction of the development
direction, the company decided to change from a single capital structure in the
past to a shareholding model, it is more beneficial to the company long-term
development strategy, and on December 18, 2017 successful share reform and the
change in the name of the company;After the change, the company name is
"hebei huangang new material co., LTD.".

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